"All People Are" concerns itself with generalization and stereotypes and how funny they can be until the moment you become the target of the laughs.

I am using search suggestions to reflect people’s judgements about races, nationalities and religion.

I believe that especially today, in times of the refugee crisis, it is crucial for everyone to stop making uneducated fear-supported decisions without a reasonable basis, to look beyond our prejudices and seek similarities instead of differences.

Story behind the concept

I started developing All People Are a day after the attack on Paris, on November 14th 2015.
I was very afraid of what these events could bring out of people in Europe and felt the urge to fight against it.

Hate comments on minorities and races, in and outside of Europe are multiplying by the minute; online in articles, in forums, on social networks, publicly in speeches by politicians and unfortunately, also on the streets in the form of violence. It breaks my heart to see people refusing to help others in crisis, judging religions and races and making uneducated fear-supported decisions without reasonable ground.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1, says,
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
Let’s all come back to this simple statement. Let’s commit to decision-making with reason and conscience and acting towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood no matter the religion, race or nationality.

Adela Wagner

Adela is a New York–based photographer, visual activist and lighting designer.
In her projects she transforms contemporary social issues into visual concepts with which she hopes to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.
Adela’s artistic journey started in Prague, Czech Republic and continued with residencies and exhibitions through Europe. She currently creates and actively exhibits in New York City galleries.
Her work outside of All People Are can be found on

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